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Holy Ego!

Nothing else is

Christmas Musings

The Ego is The Doer

Hit wicket


Exquisite harmony

Who bows to stone idols?

Consumed by Cleverness?

Here and Now

Patience and Spontaneity

Time's up?

Meditation is the art of losing the meditator


Stream of (Un)Consciousness

The Deluge

Why? Why not?

Everything's Just Happening!

You are this close...


Wake up


The Monkey of The Mind

Tera tujh ko arpan…

When senses go out to graze

It’s all there is

Time isn’t linear

Pavlovian device

The Seven Questions

Happiness is a matter of alignment

There’s Always A Price Tag


Who makes the music: the flute or the flautist?

Morpheus, what is real?

Unhappiness defined

Where were ‘you’ when the lights went out?

Mr. Anderson in The Matrix

If you trust in God will She protect your camel?

Is the wave different from the ocean?

The most stable point in the see-saw is the centre

But I Am Easy

Who writes, who reads