If you trust in God will She protect your camel?

Picture this: it’s a cool morning and I am traveling to work in an auto-rickshaw. I have my rucksack next to me and I am blissfully chanting, with my eyes shut.

In the midst of the chanting, a thought suddenly pops up: what if somebody was to walk away with my rucksack at a traffic signal?

Now this isn’t as simple as it sounds. You know what they say: Trust in God but tie your camel.

So does that mean I must thread my arm round the strap, even as I chant, to prevent the rucksack from being stolen? What about my trust in Existence?

This leads to the thought that I can only go with one of two possibilities:

If my trust in Existence or God is complete it really won’t matter if the rucksack is stolen or not; both will be accepted as the What Is at the moment. However, if my trust is semi-baked, I had better cling tight to my belonging.

Wisdom dictates that if you are shaky on trust, shore up on pragmatism.

Psst: What do you think I did?


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