The Seven Questions

Answer these seven questions calmly and honestly:

1. Did you decide when you will be born?

2. Did you decide to whom you will be born?

3. Did you decide your hardware?

[Did you decide what your DNA will be? What your body type will be? Scientists concur the DNA decides 85% of your life - even things like, will you be gay, a pscychopath, obese...]

4. Did you decide your software?

[Did you decide the ‘programming’ you would get? Your mom told you taking someone’s pencil was stealing, your dad taught you killing for sport was sin, your teacher told you the finest way to judge right and wrong was to step into the other person’s shoes…]

5. Can you decide the precise moment of your death?

[You may decide to take a cyanide pill at 11:05 hours but there may be an earthquake, a sneeze, a doorbell; you may decide to jump off the roof but you may break a leg and survive…]

6. Do you have any control over what may impact which of your senses at any given time?

[The sound of car brakes, a whiff of the neighbour’s cooking, the sight of a falling star, the roughness of the escalator handrail…]

7. Can you stop a thought from arising?

[Once it arises, you may be able to slam it down, but can you prevent it from arising?]

Now think about it:

You have no control over the beginning and the end.

You have no control over your hardware and your software.

You have no control over the inputs.

And you seriously think you can have absolute control over the output? You still think you are the doer of your actions?