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Holy Ego!

"I meditate 18 hours a day. What about you?"
"I can fast an entire week. You would droop after just one day."
"Every single day I meditate in the lotus position for three hours."
"I have done four spiritual workshops of seven days each."
"I chant my japa 1008 times every single day, at 4.30 every morning."
"I have moved to Level 2 of the meditation group. He is still struggling with the first one."
"Not everybody can sit with a straight back in padmaasan for two hours every day."
"I gave up eating this (snap of a finger)!"
"I have read every single book ever written on the Upanishads."
"My problem is I don't know what to do with all the love pouring out of me."
"I took him to my Guru...but if he wants to live in darkness, too bad!"

Nothing else is

It is God who desires in you
And it is God who becomes
Desireless in you.
This is total acceptance.
It is God who is a passion in you
And it is God who becomes
Enlightenment in you.
It is God who is anger in you
And it is God who becomes
Compassion in you.
There is nothing to choose at all.

- Osho

Christmas Musings

Three Seekers
One Truth
Their steadfast resolve
Aided by
A steady guiding star
And then finally
After a long, weary journey
Stumbling upon
The light of His presence.

Sheer Grace!

The Ego is The Doer

The Sanskrit word for Ego is Ahamkar.

In Sanskrit, each word reveals its soul when you break it into its syllables. In this case, Aham (I am) Kar (the Doer).

Once you truly and irrevocably realise you are NOT the doer, where is the ego?