As you flip, so you flop

Every spiritual seeker will tell you about the ecstasy and the misery of the flip-flop: a period of lucid clarity and being-ness followed by a spell of dark doubts and denseness.

And of course the seeker wants one and not the other. His misery is compounded by the fact that the more he wants the lucid state to continue, the quicker it slips out of his fingers. The more he strives to get it back, the further it flees from him.

Nothing in existence is without purpose - though the purpose may be one that the mind cannot fathom or the 'me' ever know it. So, it follows, that the flip-flop serves a purpose too.

The key word here is acclimatization.

Console yourself with this concept: The flip takes you to a new base camp; the flop acclimitazes you to that stage of your seeking.

Just a concept, okay?


  1. Hey there... anoo likes the way shunyayogi writes...


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