The world is nothing but thought

The mind of the Sage (jnani) never leaves Brahman (that is, Self). But the mind of the ignorant one (ajnani) is such that wandering in the world it suffers, and turning back to Brahman for a while enjoys happiness. What is called the world is nothing but thought. When the world disappears, that is, when there is no thought, the mind experiences bliss (ananda); when the world appears, it experiences misery.

- Ramana Maharshi in Who Am I?


  1. thought is Energy.
    energy is nadbhrama.
    and that is DIVINE.

  2. Hello, just now found your blog. I like it and will be back. Do you think of yourself as a hermit? I think that is my sensibility, although I do have to connect with the wider world through work (University lecturer) and family. Like I said, I like this blog very much.


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