Filled with Contentment

Once when Prahalad was out hunting, he saw a huge cobra relaxing comfortably without any worries.

Prahlad asked, "Who are you? How are you so content?"

The Cobra replied, "Even when the joy is overflowing within himself Man is not aware of it. As I am an ascetic, this has become my Nature. I just repose in a contemplative mood. If wealth, desire and righteousness do not help in attaining liberation, there is no use for them. Desire for wealth is the root cause of this unreal world.

"Look at the bee. It collects honey but others enjoty its taste. In the same way, people spend a lifetime accumulating wealth which is enjoyed by others. White ants build their house, the cobra lives in it. The crow builds the nest, the cuckoos leave their eggs in it. An old man marries a young girl, gives her all the wealth and comforts, but unfortunately a young man enjoys her. Parents give birth to their children, bring them up with all care and make them worthy by educating them. But exactly at that time someone else will take them away. Thus there is no happiness in the world. As I am already aware of all these things, I have become indifferent and non-attached. I am established in the Self and even enjoy the real eternal bliss. That is why I am steeped in contentment."

- based on an excerpt from Ramanopanishat


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