How we get disconnected from the Source

The purpose of life is to remain connected to the Self, the Source.
You are connected to the Self when you do whatever you feel like
doing in a given situation, without any regrets about the past,
without any complaints about the present, and without any
expectations in the future.

You get disconnected as soon as you blame and condemn anyone for
anything – either yourself or the other. As soon as there is
awareness of this fact, without any recrimination, you get

You get disconnected when you pursue a preference or desire, and you
remain disconnected during the entire process. Your sudden awareness
of what had happened reconnects you with the Self.

You get disconnected when your thinking mind asks useless questions
and gets you involved into conceptualizing and objectivizing. A
sudden awareness of this fact gets you reconnected to the Self.

You get disconnected when a psychological pain, instead of remaining
in the present moment, drags itself into horizontal involvement –
like grief, turning into mourning. A sudden realization of this fact
restores the connection.

Anything that lets your mind stray away from the present moment,
into conceptualizing makes you disconnected. A sudden awareness of
this fact restores the connection.

As the understanding deepens, the frequency and intensity of the
disconnection gets gradually reduced until it finally stops
altogether: awakening has developed into deliverance.

- Ramesh Balsekar in A Buddha's Babble