Everything's Just Happening!

All there is, is Consciousness

No me, no you
Nor this, nor that
Nor good, nor bad.

No path, no goal
No seeker, nothing sought.

No doer, nothing ‘done’
No plan made, which wasn’t made for us.

No choice, no volition
All there is, is Consciousness.

All that is seen, heard and tasted
Smelt, felt and thought
All of it, yes, all of it
Is mere stirred up Consciousness.

Five elements, three attributes
Chosen parents, specific conditioning
A catalyst thought
Instant vocalization
Inevitable action
Consciousness ‘gets’ its way.

No volition, yet no non-action
An amazing play!

All there is, is Consciousness.

- shunyayogi

(at the feet of my Master)


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