How we convert Art into Science

The art of medicine of a century ago is now a science of medicine, with much loss both to patient and practitioner alike. The art of seamanship has become the science of navigation with every mechanical aid and the true sailor has almost disappeared. And the art of being a man is becoming a science, too, and men will disappear from the face of the planet as have other species whose development became one-sided and ended in a cul-de-sac.

- Lobzang Jivaka in The Life of Milarepa


  1. Anonymous2:25 pm

    art of photography has become the technology of the camera which shoots great pics without requiring skill; painting by adobe photoshop...

  2. Art of manual painting, drawing, sketching, became now science of modern concave digital kaleidoscopic presentation, one can develop and digitally picturing design without human creative assisting. though I think human creativity has to be valued, but art valuers are being lost and confuse because of mechanical artificial approach goods available in the market. If anybody is true valuer of the art, then he/she should have emerged test to accept and nurture culture in him/her and also in like minded people to start purchasing hand made artistic stuff in real life purposefully. Fulfill this purpose if you need to reduce your expenses, then do it again purposefully. It is the only way to contribute to keep art in human and in coming successor. How true artist and art to be survived? It is need of the aged. Take good care...Rekhesh Jain www.executive


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