Stephanie's Exciting Non-Attachment Game

Here is Stephanie Mallard's exciting party game that promotes non-attachment. Especially great for Seekers:

When all the guests have arrived you count the number of gifts or guests, assuming every person has brought a gift to exchange. Then you put as many slips of paper with numbers on them as there are gifts, 30 gifts = 30 slips of paper with the numbers 1 to 30. Before opening the gifts every person draws a number. #1 starts by selecting a gift from under the tree. All participants watch as #1 unwraps their gift and displays it for all to see. Then #2 has the option of taking #1's gift or selecting a new gift from under the tree. If #2 selects a new gift than they unwrap it and display it for all to see. #3 then has the option of taking from #1 or #2's gift or selecting a gift from under the tree. The fun begins when one brave soul decides to take an already opened gift rather than an unwrapped gift. If #3 takes #1's or #2's gift than whomever has handed over their gift goes back to the tree to open a new gift. No gift is certain until the very end. Any gift opened may be taken away until #30 decides to take the last gift under the tree or any of the gifts from any person that has already been opened. It is a great lessen in non attachment and fun to watch everyone's response to trying to maintain there gift or how graciously they hand it over. In this game it is best to be last not first. You must go in numerical order and the only way to select again is if someone takes a gift away from you. It is only when the last gift is opened that everyone knows what their gift is.


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