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When Duality becomes Dualism

...And what does 'duality' mean? There are pairs of interconnected opposites, neither of which can exist without the other. Duality is the main mechanism by which the totality of Manifestation operates, the very basis for life as we know it, life as it happens. However Ramesh points out: "The ordinary person in every moment judges. The ego is not prepared to accept what-is in the moment." It is when the ego becomes involved in making an apparent choice between the interconnected opposites that duality becomes dualism, the whole becomes split.

- From the Editor’s Introduction to Advaita, The Buddha and the Unbroken Whole by Ramesh S. Balsekar

Good, Bad and Daily Living

When it comes to the art of day to day living, shunyayogi heartily endorses Urdu poet Zauf's sentiments expressed in this verse:

'Gar tu jo bhala hai
toh bura ho nahin sakta, ai Zauf
Bura woh hai
jo tujhe bura mantaa hai.
Aur 'gar tu bura hai
Toh woh sachh kehta hai
Bhalaa uski baat ka
bura kyon mantaa hai.

Roughly translated:

Says Zauf,
If you know in your heart that you're a good soul,
You cannot be otherwise.
The one who accuses you of being 'bad',
is probably 'bad' himself.
However, if you know it within you
that you are 'bad',
then he speaks the the truth.
Why take offense?

Prince Siddhartha Gets A Glimpse

Prince Siddhartha is invited by his father King Suddhodana to the Ploughing Festival at his farm. As his father is engaged in ploughing, Prince Siddhartha sits in the cool shade of the rose-apple tree.

And, as he sits there enjoying the sights and sounds and the splendour of Nature, he is given a deep insight into Life and Living.

This is how Edwin Arnold describes the incident in his wonderful book The Light Of Asia:

But on another day the King said,
"Come, sweet son, and see the pleasance of the spring.
And how the fruitful earth is wooed to yield
Its riches to the reaper; how my realm -
Which shall be thine when the pile flames for me -
Feeds all its mouths and keeps the King's chest filled.
Fair is the season with new leaves, bright blooms,
Green grass, and cries of plough-time."

So they rode
Into a garden of wells and gardens, where,
All up and down the rich red loam, the steers
Strained their strong shoulders in the creaking yoke
Dragging the ploughs; the fat soil rose and roll…

The Faith Vaccine

Anxiety can enter only when Faith exits.

- Dada Vaswani