Good, Bad and Daily Living

When it comes to the art of day to day living, shunyayogi heartily endorses Urdu poet Zauf's sentiments expressed in this verse:

'Gar tu jo bhala hai
toh bura ho nahin sakta, ai Zauf
Bura woh hai
jo tujhe bura mantaa hai.
Aur 'gar tu bura hai
Toh woh sachh kehta hai
Bhalaa uski baat ka
bura kyon mantaa hai.

Roughly translated:

Says Zauf,
If you know in your heart that you're a good soul,
You cannot be otherwise.
The one who accuses you of being 'bad',
is probably 'bad' himself.
However, if you know it within you
that you are 'bad',
then he speaks the the truth.
Why take offense?


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