Four Sanskrit Words

shunyayogi is very fond of these four Sanskrit words:

Kshetra (The Field of Activity; Domain):

The understanding is that one must be completely aware of one's kshetra. If you are keenly aware of your kshetra, chances are you would begin to get an inkling of your inherent programming.

Sukshma (Subtle):

Going beyond the gross, you become aware of the realm of the subtle. On one hand, your antenna begins picking up the faintest signal and on the other your communication becomes subtle too. A whole new realm opens up.

Maatraa (The Correct Dosage; The Optimum Reaction; The Fine Balance):

This holds true of almost anything - medicine, emotional reaction, indulgences or just about anything else. Too much of a good thing is bad. Too little of a good thing is ineffective. Not more, not less. Just the right amount. That's where wisdom lies.

Sahaj (Smooth and Easy):

Lao Tzu pointed out the unwisdom of using force in any action you perform.

We have all seen Yoga enthusiasts performing asanas with frowning concentration, straining to get their body to bend to iron will. We have compassionately watched eager beavers doing pranayam, violently expelling breath during kapalbhati.

But then, we have also seen swimmers who glide through water, batsmen who swish their stroke effortlessly, basketball players who flit swiftly across the court with nimble feet...

It would appear that for everything we do, there is a forceful way and there is a sahaj one. Wise folk would recommend you opt for the smooth and easy.


  1. Anonymous12:48 pm

    This is said so beautifully!
    I really liked the way you have put across the unwisdom of using force in any action you perform'.

  2. What a coincident! 'Sahaj' is the word that popped up while I wake up today morning, before reading your blog!


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