Vipassana and You

The beauty of Vipassana meditation is that it first integrates you and then, once that's done, it disintegrates the very concept of 'you'.

Each of us is a scattered, divided entity. Heart separated from mind. Male half uneasy with female half. And a plethora of competing, floating identities or, as P.D. Ouspensky would probably have described it, a cluster of scattered I's - of which we subconsciously pick and use a specific one in a specific situation.

Vipassana gently coalesces all these apparent contradictions and disparate identities until gradually, very gradually, a stage arrives when the Vipassana meditator feels wholesome and complete.

And then, as awareness deepens, a point comes when there is an experience of bhang, a disintegration. At that time the entity gets a glimpse of its true nature and comprehends, in direct personal experience, that it is neither the body nor the name and form it had erroneously taken itself to be.


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    Wonderfully described.. Thank you :).


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