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Kashmiri mystic Lal Ded's wisdom

Some gems from Lal Ded, the 14th century Kashmiri mystic:

I saw a sage starving to death
A leaf floating to earth on a winter breeze
I saw a fool beating his cook
And now I am waiting for someone to cut
The love-chord that keeps me tied
To this crazy world.


Love-mad, I, Lalla, started out,
spent days and nights on the trail.
Circling back, I found the teacher
in my own house.
What brilliant luck, I said,
and hugged him.


You won't find the Truth
by crossing your legs
and holding your breath.
Daydreams won't take you
through the gateway of release.
You can stir as much salt
as you like in water
It won't become the sea.