No harm in imagining
You do it anyway
All the time.

you are a hollow reed.
Say, a flute.
And your seven chakras
are the seven nodes
for Existence
to play its music.
Through you.

Sooner or later
you needn't imagine.
You will know.
The hollow reed
has nil say
In the music
that is played.


  1. Anonymous8:41 am

    This hermitage was here first
    Only then, the world.
    When the world crumbles,
    This hermitage will not be destroyed.
    The host inside the hermitage
    Is present everywhere.
    The moon shines on the eternal void;
    The wind whistles through
    Ten thousand openings.

    - Shiwu (1347)

  2. Anonymous6:29 am

    If someone calls you, you say, "I am here," but before saying, "I am here," You were. The illusion cannot glue something more to Reality. It cannot glue something extraordinary to Reality because Reality is at the base of everything that is. All that exists, all that you see, the objects of your perception, all that is due to Reality.
    Ranjit Maharaj

  3. Anonymous11:40 am

    Having had an experience of letting go, even just once, proves beyond a
    shadow of a doubt that it means getting rid of a great burden. Carrying
    one's hate and greed around is a heavy load, which, when abandoned, gets
    us out of the duality of judgment. It's pleasant to be without thinking;
    mental formations are troublesome.

    "If we succeed even once or twice during a day to let go of our
    reactions, we have taken a great step and can more easily do it again.
    We have realized that a feeling which has arisen can be stopped, it need
    not be carried around all day. The relief from this will be the proof
    that a great inner discovery has been made and that the simplicity of
    non-duality shows us the way towards truth."

    Ayya Khema

  4. Anonymous1:23 pm

    Neem Karoli Baba: I was sitting by the tucket when an Indian devotee read a newspaper (monotone voice) in Hindi to Maharaj.

    Arrogantly, I must admit: I got bored, annoyed, and thought to myself why is this boring man reading this mundane stuff to Maharajji....

    The next thing I knew, my kundalini was rising--what a rush--and my heart was filling with overwhelming Love, but before the energy reached my crown chakra, Maharajji placed his hand on my head and it all stopped.


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