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The Guru's compassion

At Skandashram there is a little platform facing Tiruvannamalai town - there was only a stone at that time. Bhagavan would sit on it and brush his teeth. It used to be very cold and Bhagavan wore only a loin cloth. Kunju Swami felt that he should not sit there in the early morning cold, yet Bhagavan continued to do so. He found the reason for this only later: There was a lady called Sowbhagyamma who used to come to Skandashram every day. She had become old but had taken a vow that she would not cook, eat or even bathe, without having Bhagavan‟s darshan first. She did not come one day and Bhagavan asked her, “Why did you not come yesterday?” She replied, “Bhagavan, I had the great fortune of having your darshan from my house. When you were seated outside on the stone slab, I could see you.” From that day onwards, whether it was raining or cold, Bhagavan sat on that rock so that Sowbhagyamma could have his daily darshan.